March 28th, 2014

Paul Eliot USA / been a while


^^What a great way to start a blog post! I don’t have much content, or much of a following these days, so if you can read this, you probably already know that I’m working to launch a line of casual suits, made here in the good old states (united) of the Americas. If you did not know this, we’re obviously not friends, and you enjoy “contributing” to Facebook more than judging its content from the “people” you are “friends with.” Pretty amazing though that you got Regina George in the Buzzfeed Mean Girls quiz. I pegged you for a Damian. 

So, yeah, the lack of updates, back to that. I’m working to launch Paul Eliot USA, a line of casual suiting with friend, Eliot Payne. We’re doing all of the things with very little of the stuffs, a bit of the network, and maybe half of the knowledge. It has been fun. Mistakes have been made. Nearly a year has been spent in product development, checks have been written, and who knows if it will even work. Oh and many beers, we’ve a had, and we’ve drunk em (got drunk). 

I hate using the word ‘launch’ because it sets up a very high expectation for a roll out via PR machines, social media bludgeoning, and perfect packaging from Day: 1 that makes you feel something in your vacant internet heart out of the gate. No, no. We’re doing it the regular (read: broke) person way. Friends, family, Kickstarter(?), direct sales,with hopes for retail. You know, the internet way. An organic, rolling launch, let’s say.

Here are some pictures of our prototype. Higher rise, slim pants. Unstructured jacket with all the patch pockety, casual goodness you know and love. Ya know, the in’a’net. 

Please send me any questions or inquiries you may have. If you want to get in on some R&D, private critique of product, etc. just hit me up. We want to get great fitting, well-made stuff out there at a price point comparable to other midrange brands that don’t make stuff domestically. 

I have a few more posts for you over the coming weeks as we get closer to our pre-order month. To receive notifications from Paul Eliot, please sign up at our website.

February 14th, 2014

No caption required, you know what to do.

Lordspeed, gents.

December 5th, 2013

I don’t know what you idiots are waiting for. Your #menswear blogging moment of truth is right here, right now, ending in 45 minutes. 

Do the right thing.